Breakthrough Prayer

Haymarket Church is committed to growing in faith by focusing on praying together. You can find weekly prayer resources (including daily Scripture readings and a weekly prayer focus) and information about our breakthrough prayer initiative on this page. In order for us to do the work that God has given us to do (transforming lives, impacting our community, putting love into action), we need to begin with a solid spiritual foundation – and that includes a life grounded in prayer.

Pray Daily

Pray daily that God would send the Holy Spirit to break through in:

  • My personal life and the lives of those in my family
  • Haymarket Church Collectively
  • The town of Haymarket and the surrounding community
  • Haymarket Elementary School
  • That God will use me and us together to put God’s love into action in our community
  • That God will break through anything that holds us back

Our Breakthrough Prayer

Specifically, please pray this prayer for Haymarket Church every morning and night:

God, we lift Haymarket Church to you. Help us to reach new people with the power of your love. We ask that you would give our church the resources, including the financial resources, to take our next steps in faith. We pray that your Holy Spirit would come and break through in these areas in a way that we have not been able.  Please work through us to do what we cannot do alone.  Change what we cannot change ourselves, including changing us.  We pray your power and glory be at work here—without limits.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Daily Prayer Focus and Scripture Readings

As part of our growth in faith, we at Haymarket Church are committed to reading Scripture together.  You can find our schedule of daily Scripture readings at our Daily Bible Reading Plan page. You can also sign up to receive the readings for each week in your email.  To sign up for that, please just send an email to with the subject line “Sign me up for the weekly prayer email.”  By growing in faith together, we are able to move forward and serve God together.