Prayer at Haymarket Church

Prayer is one of the core values and central practices at Haymarket Church. Prayer is the practice of seeking God daily and depending upon God fully.  Everything we do at Haymarket Church is undergirded by prayer – we ask God for direction, seek to follow where God leads, and know that our work is only possible because of God’s power working through us.

a family surrounding a student being confirmed into the church

How we Pray for Each Other

We believe that the people of a church should be praying for each other, and therefore we work hard to create opportunities for people to seek and offer prayer.  The primary place we pray for each other is through our various Connect Groups – small groups of people who commit to growing in faith together and supporting people through life. These groups create space for people to pray for each other in intimate/personal settings. Each Sunday in worship, during our time of prayer, people are invited to lift prayer requests aloud during what is called “the prayers of the people.” In addition, people are invited to write prayer requests on our “connection cards,” and put them in the offering basket.  

In addition, prayers are shared through our email “prayer list.” Whenever someone requests prayer, our coordinator sends an email to everyone subscribed to our prayer list.  Folks on that list have committed to praying for those prayer requests. 


Join the Prayer Email List

If you would like to subscribe to our prayer email list, and commit to praying for people who are requesting prayer, register using the form below.  (For our full email list signup form, including our weekly email, pub theology, and more, go here.) Please remember that many of these prayer requests are sensitive/personal in nature, and so please do your best to treat them appropriately, holding them in confidence and respecting the privacy of the people involved.

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