Weekly Reflection Questions

Each Week Pastor Brian offers a few questions for reflection based upon his sermon. You can find those questions here each week. We encourage you to ponder these questions as a family, with a friend, with your small group, or in your personal reflection time each week.

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December 4

1) On Sunday, we told the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, who had a child when they thought it was impossible. How do you think they would have felt when God promised
them a child in their old age? How would you have felt?

2) Have you ever seen something happen that seemed impossible to you? Have you ever witnessed God work in ways that you didn’t understand?

3) What impossible-seeming things do you need to have happen in your life? What miracles are you praying for in this season?
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November 20

1) During Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Brian talked about how Jesus is the true king – the one who shows us what real power looks like.
How do you think it would change the world (and your life) if we learned to exercise power like Jesus does?

2) On Sunday, we talked about how an important part of getting ready to celebrate Christmas is remembering the man who the baby born in the manger grew up to be.
What does the life (and death) of Jesus say about the significance of the birth of Jesus?

3) On the cross, Jesus forgave the people who had put him to death. What can we learn from that act of radical love?

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November 13

1) In this Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Brian talked about God’s promise to “make all things
new.” What things in our world do you think need to be made new?
What things do you
long for God to transform/recreate/renew?

2) In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Brian said “we are invited to live now as if God’s promised
future were already here.”
What can you do today to make your life reflect God’s
kingdom of love, mercy, and justice?
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October 30

1) On Sunday, Pastor Brian talked about how our lives aren’t primarily about us – but are instead about God and God’s love. What does it mean to be a supporting character in the story of God’s love for the world?
2) On Sunday, we heard about Ananias and the risk he took by caring for Paul – even
though Paul had previously been trying to arrest Ananias and his friends. What risk is God calling you to take for the sake of love? What person who you might think of as an enemy is God calling you to befriend?
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October 23

1) In Sunday’s Old Testament lesson, the prophet Micaiah speaks the truth even though he knows it’s going to get him in trouble. What’s a hard truth that you are called to speak but you might be afraid to say? What’s a hard truth you need to hear but others might be afraid to tell you?

2) Pastor Brian said on Sunday that even when we fail to be faithful to God, God is still faithful to us. What does it mean to you that God is faithful to you even when you fail? How does God’s faithfulness make a difference in your life?

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October 16
1) In this Sunday’s Old Testament reading, Shiphrah and Puah were ordered to do  something awful, but the refused to do it – and instead put themselves at risk by resisting  powerful forces of evil. What might God be calling you to do to resist evil and work for  good?

2) Shiphrah and Puah lied to Pharoah in order to protect themselves (and the vulnerable people in their care). When might lies and deception be something holy God is calling us to do?

3) Throughout the Bible (and history), God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. What extraordinary things might God be calling you to do?

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October 9

1) On Sunday, Pastor Brian described God as “a God of second chances.” How have you seen that in your life? When have you gotten a second chance that you probably didn’t deserve? How might you need a second chance or fresh start right now?

2) If God gives us second chances, what does that mean for how God wants us to treat others? How might we give others a chance for a fresh start?

3) Peter abandoned Jesus when he was in his hour of need – but Jesus loved him anyway. What does it mean that God loves us even when we fail?

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October 2
1) Jesus describes God’s Kingdom as a valuable treasure, and he invites us to invest our whole lives in seeking God’s Kingdom. How are you investing your life in God’s way of love this week?

2) On Sunday, Pastor Brian described Jesus as “the pearl of great price” and “the one who paid the price so that we might experience the treasures of God’s love”? What does it mean for Jesus to be a valuable treasure? What does it mean that he pays the price for us even when we don’t invest our lives in his way of love?

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September 25
1) What does it mean that God loves even the folks who we think are the absolute worst?
What does it say about Jesus that he welcomes even folks like Zacchaeus who have done awful things to their neighbors?

2) On Sunday, Pastor Brian said that when Jesus steps into our lives, it changes things. What things in your life is Jesus calling you to change?

3) After he meets Jesus, Zacchaeus gives away his wealth in order to invest in relationships. How can you invest in relationships this week?

sign with lost and home

 September 21
1) On Sunday in worship, we read Luke 16:19-31. With which character do you most identify – with Lazarus or the rich man? How so?

2) During the sermon, Pastor Brian talked about how Jesus searches for all of us, no matter how lost we get. Have you ever felt lost or far from God? What was/is that like? What made/makes you feel lost? How do you think God is searching for you and seeking to bring you home?

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September 13
1) Have you ever lost something that was important to you? How did that feel? If you found it later, what did it feel like to find it?

2) Do you ever feel lost? Why? How so?

3) In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Brian said that we are “God’s Kids” and that God will do whatever it takes to find us when we are lost. How does that make you feel? How might God be searching for you right now?

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September 4
1) This Sunday Pastor Brian admitted that there are passages of the Bible that he’d sometimes rather avoid. What arepassages of the Bible that you wish you didn’t have to deal with?

2) In our Gospel passage this week, Jesus invites his followers to “count the cost” before joining him. What are some costs that come with following Jesus? What are some things Jesus calls you to do that you’d rather not do?

3) Jesus invites us to love others – even when it costs us everything. He also promises us that God loves us, even when we fail. How does that make you feel?

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July 19
1) On Sunday, we talked about how some parts of our faith are essential – and how it’s worth holding onto them, no matter what. If you had to name one thing as the heart of Christian faith, what would it be?

On Sunday we talked about how faith isn’t about what we do to get closer to God – it’s about what God has done for us. How does it make you feel to know that God has given everything in order to reach out to you?

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July 12
1) On Sunday, Haymarket Church celebrated our birthday – one year since we launched as an independent United Methodist Church. What is your favorite thing about Haymarket Church?

2) On Sunday we talked about the story of the Good Samaritan and said that Jesus invites us to see everyone as our neighbor – which means we are invited to love everyone, even the people who we find most distasteful. Who is God calling you to love this week?

3) Jesus is the ultimate Good Samaritan – he crosses the street to save us when we have fallen into life’s ditch. How has Jesus stepped into your life to heal you, care for you, and save you?

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June 30
1) On Sunday we talked about how God is “building a bigger table” where all people are  welcome. What could you do in your life to be more welcoming and hospitable?

2) Haymarket Church is committed to being a church that is welcoming to all people. What do you think it means to be a church that welcomes everyone?

When Jesus was rejected, he refused to respond with violence? He rejected revenge and chose the way of peace. How can you choose forgiveness over anger this week?

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June 16
1) On Sunday we talked about how Jesus is in the business of overturning injustice. What injustices in our society do you pray for Jesus to overturn?

2) On Sunday Pastor Brian said “when Jesus shows up, love is set loose.” Where do you need God’s love to be set loose in your life?

3) Jesus only offer us forgiveness – he also promises us freedom from whatever holds us down. How do you need Jesus to set you free this week?

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June 8
1) This Sunday Pastor Brian said that Christians “believe in order to live.” What Christian beliefs sustain you throughout your life?

2) We believe that God is Love, and that therefore we Christians are called to live our lives in love. What can you do to reflect God’s love this week?

3) God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – a community of perfect love. What can our community/church do to become more loving and welcoming (so that we can reflect
God’s own love)?

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June 02
1) On Sunday we talked about how working for justice is part of what it means to follow Jesus. What injustices do you see in our world that God is calling you to address?

2) Pastor Brian said that Jesus “refuses to be contained” by us. How do you think we
typically try to “contain” Jesus?

3) What’s one thing you can do this week to join what God is doing in the world?

a communion chalice and bread and reflection questions

May 23
) In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Brian talked about physical things we can do to encounter God (communion, serving others, spending time in important conversations, etc.).
What’s a thing you can do this week that could help you encounter God?

2) In Sunday’s Scripture, Jesus “was revealed to the disciples in the breaking of the bread.”
Have you ever had a moment when your eyes were suddenly opened to what God was doing?

3) On Sunday in worship we talked about Holy Communion. At Haymarket Church, we celebrate communion every Sunday. What’s your favorite thing about communion?

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May 18
1) On Sunday in worship, we talked about God’s story, and how we have a role to play in it. What role do you think God wants you to play in God’s story?

2) How does seeing the Bible as one big story help you understand the Bible better? What questions do you have about the “7 Theological C’s” that Pastor Brian shared?

3) On Sunday, we talked about God’s story and how Jesus is the center of it. Is Jesus the center of the story of your life? And, if not, what can you do about it?