Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Fixer Upper – Stories of Restoration, Repurposing, and Redemption

Scripture: Psalm 22:19-28; Luke 8:26-39

Sometimes life feels utterly chaotic. We struggle to find balance, a grip, or anything that gives us a sense of peace or control. This chaos, at times, can cause us to actively resist engaging Christ in our lives. Most often this happens because we don’t want to surrender any kind of control. We think we have to have it all together and that we have to be in charge. The truth is that we’ve never been in control. Our stories have always been God’s stories. God’s invitation to us is to surrender our tight grips and to invite the holy to transform our chaos into peace.

This Week: What feels chaotic in your life? What feels out of control?

What would it feel like to “release control” and give your life over to God? Is that scary?

Try to let go of one thing that’s been worrying you, and simply ask God to take care of it.