Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Fixer Upper – Stories of Restoration, Repurposing, and Redemption

Scripture: Jonah 3:1-4:11

Sometimes, even when we know we need to forgive ourselves and others, we remain stubborn. We still have to have it our way. We think we know what’s right, after all. So we subject others to our own perspective and have the audacity to expect God to operate on our terms instead of the other way around. The story of Jonah teaches us that sometimes God sees the world differently than we do, and we don’t have to be the mitigators of justice. Jonah is famous for hanging out in the belly of a fish because of his refusal to listen to God. But at the end of the story, he still doesn’t have the listening part down. His story teaches us that we just need to do as we are called by God to do, speak as we are called to speak, and, most importantly, love as we are called to love.

This Week: Is there someone (in your personal life or in the public sphere) who you think is beyond forgiveness?

Who you wish God didn’t love? Spend some time praying for that person this week – and spend some time asking God to teach you to love that person more.

Do something kind for someone who has made you angry/frustrated recently.