Series: Fixer Upper – Stories of Restoration, Repurposing, and Redemption

Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: John 4:1-30, 39-42

When Jesus meets the woman at the well, it is very clear that there is an understanding of her past, to include her flaws. The thing about Jesus is that while he is honest with her about where she’s been, he is also open with her about where she can be. How often do we inhibit our own possibilities for the future because we are so hung up on the past? Jesus’ invitation to this woman and to us is to get past our past, to believe that just because “we haven’t done it that way before” it still can be done, and to see the preferred future God has in store for us.

This Week:  Do you have anything in your past that haunts you? That your fear defines you? Ask God to relieve you of that burden.

What things that “we haven’t done before” do you need to try in your life? What about in our church?