Haymarket Church is putting together a daily Advent devotional – starting November 28 and going through Christmas, we will be sharing daily stories/prayers/Scripture readings to help you experience God’s presence during the season. The devotional also includes folks from Haymarket Church sharing some of their musical gifts. We will be sharing these resources via three different mediums – via email, via the Haymarket Church Chatter Facebook Group, and by text. If you’d like to receive them via email, reach out to us at info@haymarketchurch.org and say “sign me up.” If you’d like to receive them by text each morning, just text “Advent” to (571) 487-8557 and you’ll be automatically registered! You can also join the “Haymarket Church Chatter” Facebook group – we will share them there ach day as well. However you receive them, we are excited to share these resources to help make this year really feel like Christmas – even in the midst of this crazy season! We’re excited to journey through the holiday season together!