Connect with Haymarket Church

Connection While Social Distancing

Relationships are essential to what it means to be church.  Relationship and connections are especially important in this time of social distancing – when we can’t be together, it’s even more important to find ways to connect to and support each other.  Here are some of the ways you can get connected at Haymarket Church.

Opportunities for Connection

Many of these groups meet by Zoom call or via phone.  To get involved, send an email to and we will get you all the info you need to participate!

  • Men’s Small Group – Wednesday mornings from 6:30-7:00
  • Moms Group – Friday morning reading sessions with kids (10 AM), every other Thursday evening moms only get-together (8:30 PM).
  • Women’s Group – Every other Monday evening.
  • Sunday After Worship Zoom  Hangout – 20-30 minutes of chatting and laughing after worship each Sunday
  • Church Calling Tree – We’ve put together a calling list, so that everyone at Haymarket Church gets a phone call once a week.  If you haven’t received a call but would like to, let us know!

Kids’ Ministry

  • Online Kids’ Ministry – Via Zoom. Every other Sunday afternoon, a lesson (similar to the one we would use in person on Sunday mornings) and time hanging out with friends and teachers.
  • Online Tweens Group – Via Zoom. Our Tweens group (3rd-5th graders) meets on the Sundays when our Kids’ Ministry doesn’t meet.  Time for hanging out, checking in, and having fun!
  • Resources via email and social media – Video lessons in your email, notes sent to kids in the mail, challenge activities, lots of opportunities to learn and grow and feel connected from home.

Youth Ministry

  • Youth Group – meets every Sunday evening either in person or via Zoom.  Learn more on our Youth page. 

COVID-19 Response Fund

Right now, there’s a lot of need around us. We know that there are folks who are struggling. In addition to the health impacts of the current pandemic, some folks are facing real financial struggles as a result of social distancing. If someone from Haymarket Church or our surrounding community has a need, we want to be able to help. So, we have launched a COVID-19 Response Fund. Money from this fund will be used to help folks who are facing financial hardships due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’d like to donate to our COVID-19 Response Fund, click here and enter your donation in the “COVID-19 Response Fund” line item.    If you are in need assistance due to the financial impacts of COVID-19, send an email to

Serving Our Neighbors

We continue to work with our community partners to help resource them and make a different in our community.  The Haymarket Regional Food Pantry is continuing to feed our hungry neighbors, and we encourage you to support them financially.  In addition, we are working with Haymarket Elementary School and other partners to help support the communities they serve.

In addition, we have a team of folks who are ready to help when someone needs help – running errands and making deliveries if someone gets sick, etc.  Reach out to us if you need help or if you want to join our helping others team!