Staycation 2020

Have Your Own “Staycation” this Summer with Haymarket Church

The pandemic (and stay at home orders, social distancing rules, etc.) has a lot of us feeling “grounded.” For some of us, it means that our vacation plans are on hold. So, we at Haymarket Church want to offer you a way to have some summer fun even when you’re stuck at home – which is why our sermon series, starting June 14, is “Staycation: 6 Weeks in Galatians with No Reservations…” We will be exploring the book of Galatians – a letter in which we are reminded that the grace of God is all we need. And, there will be a weekly theme – camping week, beach week, and more – along with crafts, fun family activities, a Bible story to go with each week’s theme, and a weekly prayer focus. We are excited about finding ways to find joy even when our plans have been disrupted, and we are looking forward to staycationing together (even when we are apart!) this summer!

Weekly Summary

Each week we will give you some detailed information about how you can participate in our staycation adventure.  Here’s a chart with an overview of each week’s themes.  Be on the lookout and come back for detailed guides to crafts, Bible Story videos, and more.

Date Theme  Neighborhood Prayer Focus Bible Story  Take it or Leave it Craft Memory-Maker
June 14-20
Camping Week Town of Haymarket and Dominion Valley Abraham & Sarah Trail Mix Watch sunrise/ sunset, stargaze
June 21-27
Beach Week Villages of Piedmont and Virginia Crossing Exodus &Red Sea Backyard Beach Bathing Suit Bathtime,  popsicles outside, ice cream sundaes
June 28-July 4 Book Week Gainesville, the rest of Haymarket, Bristow, and Manassas 10 Commandments Write a story & build a book Read a whole book and then watch the movie
July 5-11 Music/Concert Week Warrenton and the rest of Virginia David Dancing into Jerusalem DIY musical instrument & band Make a dance, record a music video, or just have an all night dance party
July 12-19 Family Reunion Week The US (outside of Virginia) Exile & Remembering “home” DIY family tree Time with old photos and videos, call a family member to tell them how much you care

July 12-19: Family Reunion Week

Week 5: “Family Reunion” Week This week, take some time to enjoy the things you might do if you were at a family reunion. Suggestions for Fun this Week Call your extended family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc.) on the phone or via a video call. Cook a family favorite food (grandma’s famous…

July 5-11: Music/Concert Week

Week 4: Music/Concert Week This week, take some time to enjoy music together. Suggestions for Fun this Week Put on your favorite album (or your favorite music mix) and have an evening dance party! Ask a friend for their favorite song/artist/album and try it out.  Discover some new music. Make some homemade instruments (drums made…

June 28-July 4: Book Week

Week 3: Book Week This week, take some time to enjoy books and stories together. Suggestions for Fun this Week Dress up as characters from one of your favorite books. Spend some time each day reading aloud as a family.  (You can do this even if you don’t have kids at home – it can…

June 21-27: Beach Week

Week 2: Beach Week This week, take some time to enjoy the things you might do if you were at the beach. Suggestions for Fun this Week Set up a kiddie pool in the back yard, dip your toes in the water, and imagine that you’re at the beach. Make and enjoy your favorite beach…

June 14-20: Camping Week

Week 1: Camping Week This week, take some time to enjoy the things you might do if you were camping. Suggestions for Fun this Week Set up a tent in the back yard or the living room and go camping. Make a fire in your backyard or driveway (safely, of course!) and cook your dinner…