What’s going on with worship with Haymarket Church this Summer? Here are some updates on where we are as we continue our return to in-person gatherings.

Indoor Worship Policy:

Indoor worship will take place at 10:00 AM on Sundays at Haymarket Elementary School. Per Prince William County Public School policy, everyone must wear a mast at all times when inside Haymarket Elementary School.  Social distancing will be practiced between family units.

At this time, there will be no children’s ministry activities during indoor in-person worship.  This is because we cannot do children’s ministry in a way that would be safe, fun, and engaging while still following policies for indoor activities in Prince William County Schools.  Our Children’s ministry will continue to meet online and host outdoor events.

Online Worship:

On Sundays when we meet for indoor worship, online worship will move to 9 AM.  This is to enable us to give sufficient attention to both indoor worship and online worship.  In addition, on Sundays when we worship indoors, we will livestream indoor worship.  The online worship service (at 9 AM) will be designed for and targeted to an online worshiper.  The livestream of the indoor service (at 10 AM) will be designed for in-person worshipers, and the livestream will be a recording of what’s happening from the back of the room.

Outdoor Worship

We will continuing worshiping outdoors at least once per month for the foreseeable future.  Outdoor worship services include Scripture reading, music, a sermon, communion, and more.  After outdoor worship services, we host activities for children.  Per the policies of the groups that host us for outdoor worship, masks are required while moving to your seats (when folks may be closer to each other than 6 feet), but you are welcome to remove your mask once you are at your seat, socially distanced from other family units.  You do need to bring your own chair to worship (chairs are not provided).

Indoor Worship Schedule:

Indoor worship will take place once a month in June and July, twice a month in August, and resume a weekly schedule beginning on September 12.  Summer indoor worship services will be held on:

June 13

July 11

August 8

August 22

On these Sundays, our morning Schedule will be:

9 AM: Online Worship

10 AM: Indoor Worship and Livestream

Remember, these summer indoor services are a chance for us to re-learn how to do indoor worship (we have a lot of equipment we haven’t used in over a year!).  Since we don’t have access to our worship space during the week (because it’s in a school), these first services will include a lot of trial and error.  Please be patient with us as we learn and grow!