Haymarket Church has a number of phone numbers for texting. We know this may be confusing, so we want to highlight the purposes for those numbers and provide an easy way to sign up for our different text message lists.

Why so many lists? Because we want to be sure that we are communicating well with the various ministry areas in our church. We want the parents of our students and kids to have the ability to get in touch with our youth and kids ministry directors directly. We want an easy way for folks to check in via text in worship. We want an easy way for folks to give via text message if that is their preferred method to do so. But we also don’t want all of those messages to jumble together. So segmenting them in this way helps both our staff and the people of Haymarket Church work directly with those in their ministry areas.

Main Haymarket Church Texting List

Our main Haymarket Church texting number is: (571) 487-8557

This number is used during worship each week to text attendance. It is also a way for new people to get easy access to our digital connection card. This is also the number we use during Lent and Advent when we offer devotions via text. And it is the number that we would use in the case of an emergency change of venue or cancelation.

Haymarket Church Youth Texting List

Our Youth Group texting number is: (571) 475-8055

This is the number that our Youth Director, Kim Johnson, uses to text our students and their families. Using a text messaging service allows us to group text the students and allow them to reply, but those replies don’t go to everyone on the list, they simply come back directly to the youth director. The youth group texting number is used weekly to provide information and reminders about your Youth ministry events.

Haymarket Church Kids Texting List

Our Kids Ministry texting number is: (571) 487-8552

We are still in preparation to begin using this number and we hope to launch a Kids Ministry texting list in the fall to better connect with the parents of our Haymarket Kids. At this time texting this number will get you to Karen Thom, our Haymarket Kids director.

Haymarket Church Text To Give Number

If you would like to donate do Haymarket Church via text message, simply text the dollar amount (without the dollar sign) to 844-332-3112.