Last week, delegates from throughout the United Methodist Church met in regional gatherings throughout the United States to elect bishops.  Bishops serve the United Methodist Church by providing guidance to the church as a whole and leadership to particular areas. Overall, 13 new bishops were elected.  This was a highly diverse body, including 7 women and 8 people of color.  All 13 of the newly elected bishops also support the full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the life of the church, including through ordination of pastors and the celebration of same sex weddings within our churches.  In the Southeastern Jurisdiction, the region in which Haymarket Church is located, 3 new bishops were elected.  In addition to the election of new bishops, many existing bishops were reassigned to new areas of ministry.  Virginia was among the areas that will be receiving a new bishop.  On January 1, our new bishop will be Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson.  Bishop Haupert-Johnson comes to us from Northern Georgia, where she has been the bishop for six years.  We are VERY excited about Bishop Haupert-Johnson’s leadership and are looking forward to seeing where and how she leads us in to the future!

See a message from Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson