Updates to Haymarket Church Designated Giving Policies
     Giving at Haymarket Church happens in two ways. Unless otherwise specified by the giver, all financial gifts given to Haymarket Church go into the “General Fund.” This is our primary fund for ministry – it funds salaries for staff, pays the rent for our worship location and ministry center, pays for curriculum, advertising, supplies, and so much more. We encourage everyone to give regularly to the General Fund – because we need it in order to function well.
     Additionally, some people give to specified projects – to support mission projects like our Rise Against Hunger meal packaging, or to pay for special events like the cost of a young person’s participation in a mission trip. This is called “designated giving” – it goes into a designated fund and can only be used for projects associated with that fund.
     In the past, Haymarket Church has had a variety of designated funds – youth ministry, children’s ministry, outreach, building fund, facilities fund, mission, etc. Beginning on July 1, Haymarket Church will only have 3 designated funds – the Program Fund, the Mission Fund, and the Facilities Fund. The Mission Fund will support projects that are targeted to address issues of justice and mercy outside our church. So, for example, our partnership with Crossroads Connection, or our Rise Against Hunger Meal Packaging, or our Spring Service Day – all of those will be funded through the Mission Fund. The Facilities Fund is used to pay for the cost of having a facility – rent, supplies for our building, etc. All gifts designated as “building fund” or “facilities” will, from now on, be put into the Facilities Fund.* Finally, the Program Fund covers everything else we do – from outreach, to payments for the youth mission trip, to purchasing technology for worship, and more.
     If you want to give a gift for a specific item (buying a new projector, upgrading our technology, helping to pay for our rent for a week of Vacation Bible School) just talk to Pastor Brian, and he will make sure the money gets into the right account and is used properly.
     In addition, you may note that the giving page on our website has a new line item, “Payment for Facility Usage.” This is a line designed for use by outside groups who make use of our offices above Town Hall. In exchange for the use of our facilities, they make a donation to help offset our costs. We simply want you to be aware of what this addition means.
     Thank you, as always, for your financial generosity. Your generosity helps us do God’s work in our community!
*(Note: we have about $100,000 that was given in previous years to a “building fund” that is reserved for the purchase of a building or land, that money is set aside and will note be used for any rented facilities now or in the future)