Haymarket Church Kids

From Birth through Elementary School

All children are loved by God.  At Haymarket Church, we seek to help children and their families build a solid foundation for a lifetime of faith while also equipping them to live as Christians today.  Therefore, we seek to give children the tools that will help them mature in faith as they get older while also offering them opportunities to participate in ministry in the present.  

By participating in the Kids’ Ministry at Haymarket Church, children learn stories of faith and begin to discover their own place in God’s story.  They also learn habits and practices that are essential for a lifetime of faith – worship, prayer, communion, studying Scripture, service, and more.

a family surrounding a student being confirmed into the church

COVID-19 has temporarily suspended  in-person gatherings of Haymarket Church Kids. The Kids’ Ministry is offering lots of ways to still connect and grow.

Click here to learn more about what our kids ministry looks like when we meet in person.

Connect with Haymarket Kids

Weekly Emails

Every Saturday morning we send our Haymarket Kids email. It includes any announcements for upcoming events, links to our Kids Zoom Hangouts, weekly customized video lessons for both PK/K and Elementary, and also family activities for the kids that tie into the week’s lesson.

Zoom Hangouts

To keep connected with the kids we have Zoom Hangouts for all ages. Virtual Sunday School is each week (minus holidays) at 9am for all ages. During this time we play games, and do activities that help reinforce the week’s lesson. The Tweens meet once a month for a fun virtual event on Zoom.

Monthly Materials

Each month we send out a mailing that includes the lessons for each week as well as crafts or activities for each week. These materials complement the videos that we put out every week on Saturday mornings for you to watch at your convenience.

Facebook Group

Each week, the family activities for PK/K and Elementary are posted, as well as other parenting resources to support your family. We also post links to the Kids Ministry Zoom links, reminders for special events, and other info you may find helpful.

Upcoming Kids Ministry Schedule (PK-5th)

MAY – Games after 8:30 am In-Person Worship at Haymarket Elementary
AND Tweens Hangout on Zoom at 1pm

MAY 9 – No meeting (Mother’s Day)

MAY 16 – Virtual Sunday School at 9 am
AND  Games after 5 pm In-Person Worship at Haymarket Town Park

MAY 23 – Virtual Sunday School at 9 am

MAY 30 – No meeting (Memorial Day)


Email kids@haymarketchurch.org for the Zoom link and details. 

guitarist and pastor leading worship

Videos & Family Activities for the Week Starting Saturday, May 1

Videos Premier on Facebook & YouTube on Saturday mornings.

PK/K Video with Ollie and Friends at 9:00 am
Elementary Video with the So-and-So Show at 9:30 am

Want to watch videos from previous weeks? See our full archive on YouTube.

Zoom Hangouts

  • Virtual Sunday School: Every Sunday (except Holidays) at 9-9:40 am. All ages (PK-5th grade) meet together for games and activities that go along with their lesson for the week. During the call we split into two groups with the PK/K and the Elementary kids.
  • Tweens Hangout: One Sunday a month the Tweens (3rd – 5th graders) meet at 1 pm for a special virtual event. We enjoy a time to play games and have fun together.

To participate in any of these Zoom Hangouts please send an email to our Kids Ministry Director at karen.thom@haymarketchurch.org.

Help for Talking to your Children about Race

These resources are from Orange (who writes our Sunday School curriculum):
Why You Need to Talk About Race With Your Kids (Podcast)
Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality (Blog Post)
How To Talk To Kids About The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Blog Post)

Additional resources:
Talking to Children About Racial Bias (From the American Academy of Pediatrics)
How to talk to kids about racism: An age by age guide (From todaysparent.com)
27 Books that talk about racism (From todaysparent.com)
Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism (From Sesame Street and CNN)
Anti-Racism Resources (From Illustrated Ministry)
Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism (From PBS Kids)