Statement of Welcome and Inclusivity

Statement of Welcome and Inclusivity

Haymarket Church is a community of various backgrounds and beliefs, drawn together by the love of Jesus Christ, our care for each other, and our passion for our community. At Haymarket Church, all people are welcome, and all means all. We believe that all people are created in the image of God, that all people are of sacred worth, and that Christ died for all people. We believe that God’s radically inclusive love excludes no one. We welcome everyone without exception, regardless of age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, political affiliation, physical or mental ability, faith history or life experience. We believe that the diversity of God’s creation is part of what makes it beautiful. We are a church where it is safe to disagree about important things and still remain united in the love of Jesus. We have diverse perspectives on faith, and we have differences in perspective on theology and biblical interpretation. We covenant to accept, respect, and love one another along our faith journeys. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, you are always welcome at Haymarket Church.

Response to General Conference 2019: LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Statement

In response to recent actions of the global United Methodist Church, we have received questions about whether LGBTQIA+ people are welcome at Haymarket Church. We would like to make it clear that members of the LGBTQIA+ community are fully welcome at Haymarket church. This means that LGBTQIA+ persons are welcome to:

Be baptized
Have children baptized
Become members of Haymarket Church
Participate in small groups
Lead small groups
Volunteer with our children and youth ministries
Participate in or lead a mission trip
Serve on our Leadership Team
Volunteer with any of our work teams
Play in our band
Read Scripture in worship
Participate in worship leadership (serve communion, be an usher, etc.)
Participate in any level of leadership.

Your sexual orientation or gender identity will never disqualify you from any activity at Haymarket Church.

In addition, it is important for us to note that Haymarket Church is a United Methodist Church and that the United Methodist Church does not allow pastors to perform same sex weddings. Our Pastor, Pastor Brian, believes in marriage equality within the church, and is working/advocating for the United Methodist Church to change that rule. Until that rule is changed, Pastor Brian is not authorized to perform any same sex weddings. However, if you are part of a same sex couple who desire to get married, Pastor Brian will happily help you find an officiant who is authorized to do your wedding, and Brian will also gladly preach a wedding sermon, say prayers at your wedding, and support your wedding in any way he can. He might even show up at your reception, eat too much cake, and make a fool of himself on the dance floor.

Haymarket Church is listed as an LGBTQ+ affirming church on, a site designed to help people find and connect with LGBTQ+ affirming congregations in their local community.