Who We Are

Haymarket Church is a community of people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, drawn together by the love of Jesus.

We are a church where all people are welcome, and all means ALL. (For more, check out our Statement of Welcome and Inclusivity.)

We are a new church start (also called a “church plant”), which means that we are a relatively young church, and that we worship in rented space (in a school).  It also means that we are growing, seeking out new people, trying to do church in creative new ways, and always open to new ideas.

We are people who think that Jesus matters, that his story is the most important story ever told, and that all people are welcome in his church.

We are a Methodist Church, which means that we are part of a tradition that holds together a deep love for God and a deep commitment to working justice in our world.

Even though we are a Methodist Church, lots of us didn’t have any connection to the Methodist Church before we came to Haymarket Church.  And, we don’t always agree with what the United Methodist Church (our denomination) says.  (In fact, we disagree about some very important things.) But, this is where we’ve found our home.  As we like to say, as long as we are all moving towards Jesus, we can disagree about a lot and still be united in love.

We are a church with diverse perspectives (on faith, politics, social issues, biblical interpretation, theology, and more), but we are united in our love for God, each other, and our community.  (For more on what we believe, visit our What We Believe page.)

We are a church that is committed to service and generosity. We love to partner with local nonprofits to help make a positive difference in our community and around the world.

We are a church where you will find people of all ages.  We have a lot of young families, but we also have people of every age – from newborns to folks in their eighties, and we believe that cross-generational relationships are an important part of what it means to be in church and grow in faith together.