It’s time for our Camping Trip!   (May 4/5 2019)

Here are the important details: 

Plan to arrive at the OBB by 1:30 PM on Saturday May 4 having eaten lunch!  
*If you are participating in Spring Service Day (which you should be– #servicehours!) be sure to bring some $ and we will run to Chick-fil-a or order a pizza in between Serving and Camping!

What to Bring:

  • a sleeping bag/pillow
  • a toothbrush/toothpaste
  • WARM clothes for sleeping/hanging out
  • closed toed shoes
  • a coat (yes, we are serious about this one!)
  • a tent–if you have one. If you don’t, that’s cool too, we will be sharing tents (appropriately with our own ‘blue’ or ‘pink’ friends only).
  • supplies for our camping dessert challenge  (Anyone may enter our camping dessert making competition! Anything goes EXCEPT nuts! You may plan to use the campfire or bring something that doesn’t involve camp cooking.)
  • $ for lunch on Sat. if you are doing Spring Service Day that morning!
  • A permission slip if you have not already filled it out for another even this year. 

We will end our camping trip with worship at Haymarket Church on Sunday Morning, so students may be picked up at Gravely Elementary School at 11:15 PM.

Cost: $25 (to cover campsite space rental, dinner & breakfast)

If you have any questions, have not RSVP’d, or are bringing a friend please let Kim know ASAP so we can be sure you have a seat belt!