Haymarket Church Youth Group

A place for students in 6-12th grade

Haymarket Church’s youth ministry serves students in grades 6-12. Being a teenager is difficult. Being a faithful teenager in today’s world is even more so. At Haymarket Church we work to provide a safe space for our teens to be themselves while experiencing and learning about God’s great faithfulness. We have outstanding adult leaders and a fabulous group of students. If you are in 6-12th grade or know someone who is, be sure to check Youth Group out!

This year we will be doing a hybrid youth group, meaning we will alternate between in-person weeks and online-only weeks. We understand that not all students and families are comfortable being in-person at this time and we also understand that many of our teenagers are ‘zoomed-out’ and are not comfortable meeting online–especially with so much of their schooling being online at this time. All students are important to Haymarket church—no matter what your comfort level, there is a place for you!

a family surrounding a student being confirmed into the church

Current Schedule

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Youth Ministry Forms

Please be sure to fill out the Health & RSVP form before EVERY in-person gathering your student attends!

The 2020/2021 Youth Information Form needs to be filled out once per year per student.

RSVP + Health Form2020/2021 Youth Info Form

Our 2020/2021 Youth Ministry year looks very different than previous years!

(Doesn’t everything, though?)

Tentatively, our schedule will look like this:

  • First Sunday: In-Person
  • Second Sunday: Online via Zoom
  • Third Sunday: In-Person (in conjunction with the monthly outdoor worship service.)
  • Fourth Sunday: Theme Night! via Zoom

Flexibility is KEY this year, as the locations and times for our youth group adventures will move based upon the week. Generally, we will meet from 6-7:30 PM but because at this time our in-person gatherings must be outdoors, we will need to move our time earlier as we lose the light later this fall.


Communication about youth group will come in these forms:

  • Text Message: (to get on our youth parents text message list, simply text the word Haymarket to the number 474747. That will allow you to opt into Haymarket Church text messages–be sure to select Text Message Alerts (youth group).
  • Youth Parents Facebook Group: this is a private group for youth parents. You can request to join by visiting facebook.com/groups/haymarketchurchyouth
  • Youth Group Instagram: we post to the youth group instagram account (@youthontheroof) to keep students and families updated on what is coming as well as what is going on during our youth group events.
  • Email: You can always email youth@haymarketchurch.org 
guitarist and pastor leading worship
guitarist and bassist at outdoor worship

In-Person Youth Group

In-Person Youth Group will take place outdoors at this time. In order to participate in this in-person, outdoor youth group, students will have to agree to follow the guidelines and fill out our health acknowledgement form. (Choose Outdoor Youth Group.)

During in-person youth group we will play socially distanced games, hang out, have small group time, and celebrate the fact that after so much time apart, that we may now be in person together again.

We will NOT be able to eat, be able to travel on road trips in vehicles, or have access to bathrooms.

All students will need to:

  • bring their own chairs/blankets/seating
  • agree to the guidelines
  • fill out a health form
  • wear a face covering at all times while at youth group

Students participating in in-person outdoor youth group will need to be on our text message list or follow our youth group instagram in order to receive alerts should the weather prohibit our gathering.


    Virtual Youth Group

    Every other week we will be having our youth group online via Zoom. These meetings will consist of check-ins, games, lessons, and small group time. You can learn more about our online youth group and can get the link using the button below.

    Please note that we will only let in students with Zoom names we recognize in order to protect that Zoom space. Should a guest attempt to join, we send our students and leaders to a separate zoom room, let in the new person, and then, once it is determined that this person is an appropriately aged student, we return the rest of the group to the main room.

    Virtual Youth Group