It’s Lock-In Weekend! 🙂  Here are the important details!

Be at the Old Bank Building at 2 PM on Saturday, November 3. Plan to be picked up at Gravely Elementary after worship on Sunday November 4 (~11:30).

What to bring:

  • A snack to share (NO NUTS)
  • Sleeping things (yes there will be SOME sleeping)
  • A Haymarket Church T-shirt for Sunday Morning (if you don’t have one we will give you one!)
  • $30 (this will cover your Corn Maze admission and some other things)
  • Games for late night free time

What are we doing?

  • We will kick off the event with our Bigger Better Mystery Road Trip (~2:30-5:30)
  • We will be back at OBB for dinner around 5:30
  • We will leave for the Corn Maze around 6:15
  • We will return to OBB after Corn Maze around 10:30 PM
  • We will transport students to worship at Gravely Elementary on Sunday morning. Students will participate in all aspects of worship leadership.

Students may be picked up after worship on Sunday morning.

Can I Bring a Friend?

YES! Students are welcome to bring friends! Students SHOULD bring friends! One thing though: We must have a permission slip on file for all participating (PERMISSION SLIP)

Also- if your student is bringing a new BFF, please let Kim know so we can be sure to have enough seat belts–as we are coming and going quite a bit during this adventure!

We know weekends are busy, so students may come late/leave early as needed, but Kim needs to know that ASAP so that we can be sure YOU know when and where we will be.