Nashville Mission Trip

Our Summer mission trip in 2019 was to Nashville, TN. We participated in a “Week of Hope” mission trip with Group Mission Trips July 13-20, 2019. This trip builds on existing partnerships with local ministries and nonprofit organizations in Nashville. This year’s trip theme was Relentless and is based upon the storpies of David.

Trip Photos

Families– using the button below will take you to our Nashville Trip photo box. You are welcome to take a look, and save/share photos of your loved ones. Please note: NO PHOTOS WITH RESIDENTS may be shared on social media without the residents being blurred/cut out/emoji-ed over. This was our promise to the sites we served and is for the protection and dignity of those with whom we were in ministry last week.

You will need the password to view the photos. It is posted in our YOTR parents Facebook Group. 🙂

Trip-Specific Information

Cell Phones

Haymarket Church Student Cell Phone Policy for Mission Trips

We would prefer NO PHONES for the entire week. We DO NOT allow phones during our time at camp. (All adults will have phones and students are welcome to call home as needed.)

Students may bring phones and will be allowed to use them on Saturday & Friday (travel days). Phones must be turned in Saturday evening when we arrive at our stop-over location. Phones will be charged for students (if a charger has been provided) and returned to students on Friday morning to take final photos and get contact information from new friends and to use during the travel home.

Spending Money

Students will be responsible for 4 fast-food meals on the way to/from Nashville. (Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch, Friday lunch and dinner) Students should bring enough spending money to cover those meals. (Kim is happy to hold the ‘travel home’ money if that is helpful to your student for budgeting purposes.) Occasionally, work teams will stop for an ice cream or a treat on the way back from worksites, so having a few extra dollars for that is helpful but not required.

On Tuesday afternoon students and leaders will visit Nashville Shores Waterpark for our ‘free night’ adventure. Waterpark tickets and dinner have been taken care of. If your student desires additional snack/games/etc. money for this adventure, he or she should be sure to bring it.

Packing for the Trip

We will be stopping on Saturday night at a church ½ way to our destination. We will NOT be unpacking all the luggage for this brief stop. Students need to pack a backpack with clothes for sleeping on Saturday and for Sunday travels.
See online packing list.

Group Mission Trips has some specific clothing requirements–please be sure you pay attention to the Group Mission Trips requirements:

“Don’t be turned away from your assigned project due to inappropriate dress! Pack plenty of t-shirts, longer shorts, capris or pants, and closed-toe shoes. Please have your females bring a one-piece swimsuit [or shirt to wear overtop] in case they are assigned to a project site teaching a resident how to swim. Many of our partner organizations don’t allow volunteers to wear spaghetti straps, shirts that reveal the midriff, short shorts or flip flops. And, of course, no clothing with offensive language or images.”

Travel Details

Stat tuned for specific trip departure times and details.
Participants should plan to be at the Haymarket Church Ministry Center at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 13. We will leave at 1:30 after loading vans to travel halfway to our destination.

About Our Trip

Students will be working on projects that seek to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults. We won’t know exactly what our projects are until closer to time but can expect to work with people in settings like homeless shelters, soup kitchens, camps for low-income children, and more.

Student Expectation Video

Our mission week costs $350 per student which can be paid upfront or broken into three separate payments as noted on our calendar.
Final payment of $125 is due ASAP!

Scholarships are available and we offer a sibling discount of $100, thanks to funds raised during our alternative giving market.